Isea2013 Sydney – Reflections


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Diafrix & Sistagurls, Superfresh – Great Northern Byron Bay

Woo, heading down to Byron next weekend. Its my birthday and off to film Sistagurls playing at Diafrix Concert! Looking forward to some awesome music and fun in my old home stomping ground!

So close to finishing Riverjam edit finally. It’s taken way too long. Lots to learn from that shoot, even if it was very spontaneous. Audio levels all over the place and distorted. I’m no audio mixer that’s for sure and so much footage to sort through. So much l wanted to include but first edit l wanted to keep around 5 min. Need to spend more time working in AE. It’s been a long time. Premiere is great for straight editing, but for effects, there’s no comparison.

This weekend l’ll be finalising the Safe Grant application for ISEA to submit next week now l have accommodation sorted. I’ve assistance from Access Art’s Professional Development Program now which has been very helpful since l’m so isolated here. Need someone to proof documents.Should the application be successful, next step is to try organise some interviews and permissions for video documentation of works.