Riverjam 2012

Edit of Riverjam 2012 finally finished. Would have liked to do much more to it though time ran out. It was a good learning experience especially with audio as much of it was distorted and unusable. Long XLR cable for next gigs plugged into mixer. Lesson learnt!

ISEA2013 Stelarc & Troy Innocent

Technical issues with Stellarc footage have so far proved problematic. As yet, no clips have yet been uploaded.

Very exciting news today! Stelarc has agreed to allow me to film his lecture at ISEA and interview him!!! Wowee, he is a seminal figure in contemporary arts. l originally discovered his work while at Uni during the early 90’s thanks to lecturer John Smith. His installation/performance work and themes of human/machine relationships has always been fascinating. I feel very honoured indeed!

Today l’ve been finalising the SAFE Grant funding application to get there so now it has to happen!

UPDATE: Troy Innocent also just emailed acceptance for video interviews too.Bouncing off seat right now! Better strap in cause l can feel lift OFF happening soon!!

Diafrix & Sistagurls, Superfresh – Great Northern Byron Bay

Woo, heading down to Byron next weekend. Its my birthday and off to film Sistagurls playing at Diafrix Concert! Looking forward to some awesome music and fun in my old home stomping ground!

So close to finishing Riverjam edit finally. It’s taken way too long. Lots to learn from that shoot, even if it was very spontaneous. Audio levels all over the place and distorted. I’m no audio mixer that’s for sure and so much footage to sort through. So much l wanted to include but first edit l wanted to keep around 5 min. Need to spend more time working in AE. It’s been a long time. Premiere is great for straight editing, but for effects, there’s no comparison.

This weekend l’ll be finalising the Safe Grant application for ISEA to submit next week now l have accommodation sorted. I’ve assistance from Access Art’s Professional Development Program now which has been very helpful since l’m so isolated here. Need someone to proof documents.Should the application be successful, next step is to try organise some interviews and permissions for video documentation of works.

Second Valley


Couple of pics from Adelaide Second Valley Party. Video clip coming later. Beautiful heart shaped screen next to DJ booth.

It was a very special night.

Post Adelaide Update

Quick update as much happening since Adelaide and return back to the Gold Coast. Adelaide trip was a great break. Straight from plane to south seaside for friends 50th private function to catch up with old friends and play around again with my oldschool favorite mixer, the Panasonic Mx-50 thanks to Cindi Drennan from Illuminart who still has one! Then back to Adelaide overnight, a few hours catch up with Cindi and then a quick romp around Port Adelaide before flying out. Such a contrast in countryside and architecture. I loved the old stone buildings, crocheted streetsigns and the Maritime Museum.
Then back, meetings with On Track, editing and doh, starts rotoscoping 2min of video as a first attempt doing a re-edit, *facepalm on that one.
Today back on the short edit for Riverjam. MUST get that finished and uploaded in the next few days. I can see an end in sight. Had issues with distorted audio to deal with so has taken some time to work out the best way round it. So many great young artists contributed, l would love to have put more of their work in.
Been accepted by Access Arts Queensland into their Professional Development Program, and currently writing a SAFE Grant application to fund a trip to Sydney for ISEA2013 & Vivid Festival.
It’s a brilliant opportunity too good to miss and long have l dreamed of attending ISEA, Ars Electronica or Siggraph! So fingers crossed on that one.

Sistagurl @ Tweed

Sistagurl performance at the Tweed Mental Health Awareness Family Fun Day 2012, Jack Evans Boat Harbor Park with Zahra and Nadine Smith from Creative People’s Collective. You rock gurls!

On Track – 2012 Mental Health Awareness Family Fun Day

Due to On Track Community Programs Ltd public consent issues, this video has been disabled.

On Track Community Programs sponsored the Tweed Mental Health Awareness Family Fun day in October 2012.

On Track Community Programs Interview – Tim Thomas

Impromptu interview at 2012 Tweed International Day for People with Disabilities Ambassador Tim Thomas

2013 Back On Track with New Beginnings!

After a lengthy hiatus last year due to illness I had the opportunity to reassess personal values and how they could better align in a more fulfilling way with career goals and objectives life begins to get roll on again.

With renewed vision and inspiration the later part of last year through my involvement with Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre, saw the beginning of negotiations with a local Not For Profit organisation, On Track Community Programs Ltd. On Track covers an extensive area of the Nsw North Coast, from Coffs Harbour to Tweed Heads/Coolangatta working with the disadvantaged. Those with physical/mental disability and also indigenous people providing support, employment and housing services.

Initially contracted to produce a Welcome to Country DvD project as inhouse cultural awareness training for new workers and volunteers the scope has now extended to cover other On Track activities due to the recognition of video as a useful tool for training, promotion and raising awareness of the issues their organisation represents with the potential for ongoing projects.

This is a very exciting opportunity to get back on my feet, fulfills values that are personally important while providing some much needed new equipment, a Canon XF-100 camera.

Much of the video produced for On Track may not be made public due to sensitivities of clients however watch the On Track You Tube channel for updates. Some unlisted video may be available for viewing on request.

SL Particle Show video

Edited clip from footage I filmed in Second Life last year of amazing audio-visual performance at ‘Through the Looking Glass’ in Second Life, by Particle Artist Interfaced Dreamscape and original electronic music by Nuvolino – http://www.nuvolino.com/
Special thanks to Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee for hosting the event. http://www.jmrart.com/thelookingglass/