Europe, Ars Electronica and Videotext

In October 2014 I was fortunate enough to attend the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. The theme was on ‘Change’ and the works and speakers were astounding.
Later by chance, I went to a video/spoken word event, Videotext in Bramberg also. I was able to film this event for the promoter and artists.
This post is an addition as I just realised while now 2016 I’d added nothing about this trip. There will be more to follow at some point!

Illuminart wins SA Ruby Award

So excited that l just have to put a plug in here for my favorite people from Illuminart who finally received some well deserved and overdue recognition at the SA Ruby Awards last week! 😀

Filming for CPC

Last week I did filming for Zahra and Nadine Smith from Creative People’s Collective of Zahra’s final performance class for Studio Aperio in Murwillumbah. Zahra will be moving to Melbourne in October though distance will prove no barrier to our ongoing collaborations. Next week l hope to film interviews and then edit some of the brilliant footage we got on the performance evening.

Adelaide Re-visited

August saw a revisit to Adelaide again to assist Illuminart with Luminous Art Trail and Night Mural Picnic, both in Port Adelaide. It was an inspiring opportunity to participate!


Rising Star Masterclass

In June 2013 l was accepted into the Access Arts Queensland Rising Star Masterclass which was held on 22nd & 23 July in Brisbane. It will be a wonderful opportunity to work within a multi-diciplinary format with other Queensland artists with disability concerns. Prior to the workshop itself there was an online collaboration with tasks set by the facilitators on the masterclass topic ‘Tiny Little Lies’.
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Isea2013 Sydney – Reflections


More on Isea reflections……

Recap on last two months

It’s been a hectic two months of grant/loan writing and proposals with little time for creative work, however being forced into writing is a positive step and good practice for future proposals. About to fly to Sydney for ISEA2013 which will be an informative incubation period. A new Metabox laptop will be arriving while there so should come home ready to cook some new ideas.

On Track RAP Event Lismore

Last Thursday I filmed the the Reconciliation Action Plan launch organised by On Track Community Programs Inc. It was a memorable and inspiring day and I  look forward to editing video footage when l return from Sydney. All of the speakers gave passionate talks yet Jeff McMullun shared his experiences of indigenous culture in a talk that was particularly thought provoking and deeply moving. He highlighted the difficulties still experienced by many indigenous Australians such as the rise in teenage suicide, the current removal of children from their parents in the NT potentially creating another stolen generation and the need for change on both sides to encompass a new vision for humanity. He raised too many issues to write here hence I am looking forward to return from Sydney to edit a clip of the event and get that footage online. It’s days such as this that remind me that I am following my values and beliefs and how much more important they are, to quote Jeff ‘than money or possessions’.

John Smith Art Exhibition

Fish in the Water, Cloud in the Sky, the Man in the Moon. Exhibition at Watters Gallery, Sydney till 15th June by John Smith, my SCU lecturer from back in the day.

Is there a Man in the Moon

SAFE Grant Application successful for ISEA2013 & Vivid

Last week’s news is that my SAFE Grant Application has been successful!
Much thanks to Access Arts (QLD) Inc for their help and support and pushing the Grant approval through quickly so tickets could be booked.

ISEA registration is now complete and airfare booked for 1o days in Sydney in June.
It will be the most significant inspirational boost for many years to get down amongst such a plethora of electronica and innovative artists!
There is such an abundance of conferences and workshops to attend, yet the most exciting aspect of the trip will be the opportunity to interview Stelarc and troy Innocent and to experience the many street projections as part of Vivid.It seems most of the places for workshops have been filled already yet there is so much to see and do that time is going to be filled regardless. Nonetheless there are a few events that still had places available that will be directly relevant to enhancing my own work practice and interests.