On Track RAP Event Lismore

Last Thursday I filmed the the Reconciliation Action Plan launch organised by On Track Community Programs Inc. It was a memorable and inspiring day and I  look forward to editing video footage when l return from Sydney. All of the speakers gave passionate talks yet Jeff McMullun shared his experiences of indigenous culture in a talk that was particularly thought provoking and deeply moving. He highlighted the difficulties still experienced by many indigenous Australians such as the rise in teenage suicide, the current removal of children from their parents in the NT potentially creating another stolen generation and the need for change on both sides to encompass a new vision for humanity. He raised too many issues to write here hence I am looking forward to return from Sydney to edit a clip of the event and get that footage online. It’s days such as this that remind me that I am following my values and beliefs and how much more important they are, to quote Jeff ‘than money or possessions’.

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