SAFE Grant Application successful for ISEA2013 & Vivid

Last week’s news is that my SAFE Grant Application has been successful!
Much thanks to Access Arts (QLD) Inc for their help and support and pushing the Grant approval through quickly so tickets could be booked.

ISEA registration is now complete and airfare booked for 1o days in Sydney in June.
It will be the most significant inspirational boost for many years to get down amongst such a plethora of electronica and innovative artists!
There is such an abundance of conferences and workshops to attend, yet the most exciting aspect of the trip will be the opportunity to interview Stelarc and troy Innocent and to experience the many street projections as part of Vivid.It seems most of the places for workshops have been filled already yet there is so much to see and do that time is going to be filled regardless. Nonetheless there are a few events that still had places available that will be directly relevant to enhancing my own work practice and interests.