Post Adelaide Update

Quick update as much happening since Adelaide and return back to the Gold Coast. Adelaide trip was a great break. Straight from plane to south seaside for friends 50th private function to catch up with old friends and play around again with my oldschool favorite mixer, the Panasonic Mx-50 thanks to Cindi Drennan from Illuminart who still has one! Then back to Adelaide overnight, a few hours catch up with Cindi and then a quick romp around Port Adelaide before flying out. Such a contrast in countryside and architecture. I loved the old stone buildings, crocheted streetsigns and the Maritime Museum.
Then back, meetings with On Track, editing and doh, starts rotoscoping 2min of video as a first attempt doing a re-edit, *facepalm on that one.
Today back on the short edit for Riverjam. MUST get that finished and uploaded in the next few days. I can see an end in sight. Had issues with distorted audio to deal with so has taken some time to work out the best way round it. So many great young artists contributed, l would love to have put more of their work in.
Been accepted by Access Arts Queensland into their Professional Development Program, and currently writing a SAFE Grant application to fund a trip to Sydney for ISEA2013 & Vivid Festival.
It’s a brilliant opportunity too good to miss and long have l dreamed of attending ISEA, Ars Electronica or Siggraph! So fingers crossed on that one.

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