At the KCF Film event our head teacher informed me that they’ve decided to go ahead with the Multimedia Diploma next year. They are still deciding on units to include, but should have the details finalised next week.
I’ve really pushed for them to do this diploma, it’s not that l need the certification so much as l already have a BA, I just enjoy studying there. So close to home, beautiful site and wonderful teachers who l’ve developed good relationships.  This will force me to work more on my weak point, documentation, since that’s what most of the core units will consist of. Not my strong point. I’ve always worked much more spontaneously. Get an idea, do it. However it is one reason that l haven’t progressed further professionally so good time to bite the bullet and do it I suppose. 😛
Had been looking into the possibility of just going doing a Masters. More logical really, however all the Master’s related to film or digital media l’ve found so far on the Gold Coast or Brisbane are all too generalised. The most interesting seems to be at ANU which means moving to Canberra. It’s a big move and I can’t see it happening for a couple of years yet though it’s definitely ticked as a long term goal.
Also there’s the factor of being an eternal student. I’d like to get past the constant state of brokeness that entails since between study and community obligations that l seem to get myself into, there’s little time for work.

Jess and Laura 30th

Birthday card and dvd gift voucher for the 30th birthday of beautiful twins Jess and Laura Shaw.

Kingscliff Tafe Film Festival

The yearly multimedia student video competition was on a couple of weeks ago. Basically it’s an event held yearly for students to display their work and receive a certificate for their contribution.

This year the room looked fantastic thanks to the involvement of Tafe Events students who decorated the room in a ‘Hollywood’ style, and Tafe had upgraded new chairs. Delectable sushi and other nibbles were lovingly prepared by Tafe chef students and were much enjoyed. Certainly they also deserve a big thanks for their support and contribution to the event

We did have a last minute technical glitch with the audio amplifier blowing up 1/2hr before the show (we presumed) which resulted in a mad scramble to find an alternate system. Fortunately there was the studio speakers and mixer in the IT block and our audio master Tony Hogan saved the day by working out the switching on the mixer.

This year and last year I did the video switching for student clips, made a poster and had mixed some new visuals which were playing at the beginning and end of event.

After the audio glitch was sorted, the evening went smoothly and was a great success.